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Re: [IPk] Sites

On Mon, 09 Oct 2000, you wrote:
>Can anyone offer me any advice on this, as today I had to change my site as
>I could not get the connector to do back up after I had a shower, so I was
>unattached for about 1/2 hour. 

Hi Sara
That's very strange for a start. What kind of sets are you using? 
It's quite hard to do anything destructive to the connector with either the
Sofsets or Silhouettes.

 I then connected up a new tubing etc, my bm
>were fine for a little while (10) which is very good for me as I am new to
>the pump, then over a space of 2 hours they shot up to 25, gave myself a
>bolus of 7units, checked my bm again half an hour later still no change, so
>then gave a dose by injection, then changed my site again.

If you're using the Sofsets, this could be where you went wrong - there is
a lot of dead space between the connector and the needle - and you can't
therefore really change the tubing without changing the set (if that's what
you did). 
Also, if you're using SIlhouettes or Sofsets, did you prime the pump
properly? Even if insulin is coming out of the end, when you put the
reservoir in the pump, you usually need to prime a certain amoun tbefore
connecting it - for me it's around 3.5 units, but sometimes it can go up to
as much as 15.

? also I have >noticed that when I have the site on my left hand
side after a few hours its >quite painful when I walk, this goes after a
day or so, but on my right hand >side it fine, no problems ? 

One reason for this is probably the direction of the needle.
If you're right handed, and you're using Silhouettes, if you put it in your
left side you'll be putting it so the needle's pointing towards your side,
if you put it in your right side (with your right hand) you'll be putting
it so the needle's pointing towards your middle.
So when it's in your left side, it could be that the needle is hitting a
muscle area, wherease in your right side, that doesn't happen. Once you
move around a bit, it often settles down. 
Solution to this is either to try putting it in so the needle's pointing
towards your feet, or try using  your left hand to insert it (if you can - I
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