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Re: [IPk] Sites

Hi Sara -

When you're disconnected for a while, it's a good idea to bolus for the
insulin you missed while you were disconnected. For example, if I'm
off-pump for a half hour when my basal is set to .5/hour, I bolus .3 when I
reattach.  I take the extra .25 for luck! :-) You should do this so there
isn't a gap in your later basal coverage because of the missing insulin.

However, I can't imagine your BG would rise that much for missing only half
an hour of insulin.

>then over a space of 2 hours they shot up to 25, gave myself a
bolus of 7units, checked my bm again half an hour later still no change,

But, I wouldn't expect to see much of a change in such a high BG after only
a half hour - even with 7 units of insulin - because of the way our bodies
become insulin resistant at higher BGs. But it's always better to be safe
rather than sorry, so if you thought something was wrong, you were
absolutely right to change the set again.

Sometimes I find it useful to prime the line when I've been detached for a
while, just to make sure there's insulin up near the set so when I start
pumping again I'll definitely get insulin.  i don't know why sometimes the
insulin isn't where it should be in the line!

I get pains around sets sometimes too. I think you have to trust your
instinct on whether or not they need to be chaned. Di recently suggested
that pains like the one you described can happen if your set is close to a

take care.


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