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[IPk] Muffins

To Elizabeth, Jules, Phillip and Michael

Thanks for your help with shortening definition.  I went to the supermarket
and found a container of Shreddo which said it was high quality shortening.
Although it didn't have the appearance of what you were all describing, I
tried it anyway.  It was to say the least an uninspiring recipe (my own
version of blueberry muffins is much better).  But they will get eaten.  :-)

What I was trying to do, was get a recipe that created white muffins.  An
American lecturer I once had made us some blueberry muffins and they were as
white as the driven snow - very much like an Angel Cake with blueberries
that did not run into the mixture.  This was why I tried the said American
recipe.  But as soon as I put our free range eggs in (they're a brilliant
orange coloured yolk), I knew they were not going to be white.

Back to the drawing board.  Anyone have a recipe for white, blueberry
muffins  (non-dm version)?


PS: Phillip, thanks for the suggestion, but going from NZ to the UK just to
pick up some shortening for the weekend is a little over the top (even for

PSS: Michael, Crisco sounds much like what I was going to try - it sounds
like what we call Chefade.  From what the recipe asked for, I think
Phillip's description of white margarine is the closest to what was

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