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Re: [IPk] Any advice?!

Hi Jenny -

My control was remarkably improved the first few weeks, and then it became
a bit less improved as my eating habits deteriorated and I started
experimenting and didn't stop!  But when I'm eating a healthy diet, the
pump is brilliant.  Truthfully, sometimes I think it's not so brilliant
when I'm not eating well, because mentally I feel more secure because I
know I can fix problems faster - so I eat more junk!

Overall, the pump has been very good for me. I wanted one for a lot of
reasons, and the prime argument for my clinic and the health board was that
I was having on average 15 hypos a month and that over the past year they
had got lower and lower.  I argued I was on the slippery slope to
hypoglycaemia unawareness.  And it worked!  I got my pump, and I'm noticing
falling BGs at a higher level. Previous to the pump, I wouldn't really
notice until the 3s, whereas now quite often I notice my sugar is dropping
in the low 4s.  That's worth a lot to me.

My partner also says I'm a lot more relaxed since getting the pump. I used
to be on two long acting injections a day, and around 9.30pm many nights I
would have this horrible start where I'd say, 'i forgot my insulin!' and
jump up and run around and be very cross. There's also less hiding in
toilets - I used to inject my long acting in my bottom with a syringe.  No

I wouldn't say a pump is painless: I've had a few uncomfortable sets.  But
my sets last from 3-6 days, so that's one 'injection' every 3-6 days,
instead of 6 or more per day.

Good luck with your appointment!


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