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Re: [IPk] Non DM question to Elizabeth O'Shea or any real dinkum

>It is another word for any hydrogenated cooking oil / fat like Crisco
-- The solid white stuff usually sold in large tins.

I was trying to remember the name of it.  They used to have ads with
Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch - that's what you get for being in
the Brady Bunch!

And now that I've been reminded, Flora makes a white shortening for baking.
But again, it's very hydrogenated (saturated), so I wouldn't recommend it.
And it _does_ look like lard!  If you want it, it's in the cooled section
with the rest of the spreads (while you buy Crisco in a tin on the shelf).

Personally, I think oil is still the best bet for your muffins. And I
promise not to ramble anymore about shortening.


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