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RE: [IPk] Disetronic D-TRON insulin pump

>The new Disetronic pump was on display at Milton Keynes last Friday. I must
>say I was impressed. As you say it uses a pre-filled cartridge. I could have
>done with that this morning while I was providing fellow train passengers a
>free display of how difficult it is to get rid of air bubbles when filling
>the current model.

Ah! Public displays of diabetes kit :-) I find it strange that sometimes I
have no problems at all sitting in open view on a train changing an
infusion set, refilling a pump, whatever. Other times I skulk off to the
privacy of the (unhygenic) toilet to do. No idea why. Sometimes it feels
right, other times inappropriate.

Even on the London underground it sometimes feels fine to check my bg,
other times not.

>This one feature will make life so much easier and I hope
>prevent leakages from the flimsy cartridge back down into the workings of
>the pump. Has anyone else experience insulin leaking out of the cartridge
>piston and will it cause any damage (I'm not sure how much leaked out but
>could see some insulin on the inside of the cartridge and also in the hole
>in the pump motor arm which accepts the threaded rode)?

If you go to http://home.twcny.rr.com/bobscorner/ and click on
"troubleshooting", and you will see a picture of insulin leaking past the
plunger on a MiniMed pump.

The only "damage" is that you and your pump think you have received that
insulin, but in fact you haven't. So you may have bolussed 6 units for that
meal, but only received 2, and the rest leaked back behind the plunger. If
you get an unexpected high bg, you should check the whole pump and infusion
set. Luckily insulin has a very distinctive smell, so a leak is easy to


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