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Re: [IPk] Non DM question to Elizabeth O'Shea or any real dinkum Americans

I do know the answer!  Think soft lard made out of vegetable oil. I suppose
it's most like a vegetable version of dripping (a performance artist friend
of mine did a performance requiring lard and the butcher delivered dripping
instead.  Apparently they're _totally_ different things). You fry in
shortening, and obviously they once used it in place of butter or somesuch.
If it says shortening, think saturated fat.

 You should be able to substitute vegetable oil for the lard, or spread. To
be safe in terms of texture, you may want to substitute half butter and
half oil, beaten together before you add it to the mix. Butter and oil do
two completely different things in baked goods, but it's been so long since
I've had my own kitchen, I can't remember which is what.

Let me know how you get on with the recipe.  I will soon have both a cooker
_and_ a fridge in our new, very small kitchen, so I might be inclined to
make muffins. BTW, whatever happened to queen cakes?  Are they the victim
of cultural imperialism??

Pity they put new blocking software on this company's webserver (with a
lovely message YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO YOUR MANAGER), otherwise I could do
a search on the history of shortening. I might try it anyway - they blocked
out cookery recipes, but not drinks recipies!  So now you know how our
management thinks!


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