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Re: [IPk] thigh site

On Wed, 04 Oct 2000, you wrote:
>My first attempt at using a thigh site was fairly successful.  It lasted me
>about four days. One disadvantage was that it was sore whenever I first
>started walking:  in the morning, or after sitting for a long while.  My
>BGs were fine, and it didn't look irritated, so I left it in.  It's just
>something I'll have to put up with whenever I use this site.  There was
>also a red lump when I removed it, that was more upsetting looking than
>when I remove a set from my belly.  But I put cream on it and it died down
>without bother.
>The main thing I dislike about a thigh site is not being able to change it
>in company! But I will be using it again.

That's encouraging to hear. How often do you need to change your site in
company anyway? :-)
That's odd about the walking thing - maybe you were close to a muscle?
I often find that when I first insert a set in my upper stomach, it's close
to a large muscle  (underneath all the fat, I actually have lots of muscle
in my stomach) and it hurts  when I move, but soon settles down.
  Maybe I will be adventurous and try the thigh again.

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