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Re: [IPk] Into the blood (was: Post meal BGs)

Pat Reynolds wrote:
>I would like to get my insulin working _much_ quicker: meal peaks look
>like the Matterhorn

Are you volunteering to do an intravenous trial? Do be careful! And tell
your dear husband to email the list if you _don't_ survive.

I heard there was a courtcase in Britain a couple of years ago: a senior
nurse, who was the mother of a diabetic child, injected a couple of units
into her daughter at home intravenously to bring down a high bg. When she
told the consultant what she had done, the consultant told her not to do
this again. The second time she did it - and told the consultant - the
child was taken into care, and the mother charged with child abuse. I don't
have the precise details, but case rested not on the fact that she had done
something dangerous, but that she had administered invasive treatment
against the instructions of a medical practitioner.


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