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Re: [IPk] Re:[IPK] Post meal BGs

>Just wondering why we don't inject / pump insulin into the bloodstream if it
>would potentially achieve better results (apart from being bloody sore if
>excuse the pun)?

Paul - I believe once it's in the blood stream, insulin is gone within 5-10
minutes. So if you take all your insulin intravenously and you disconnect
yourself, you could be heading into DKA coma very rapidly. Much faster than
if you have a buffer of insulin seeping its way slowly through the fat.

But no-one has ever explained to me why you shouldn't bring down a high bg
with a couple of units of Actrapid intravenously. It would seem ideal.
Within 15 minutes the bg should be back down, and not be falling any
further. Can anyone suggest why you shouldn't do that? I agree that an
intravenous injection requires a little more injection technique, but it's
not that hard surely?


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