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[IPk] Re: Carb Counting / pump attitudes in UK

    Hello Paul,

About UK attitudes to pumps ... I'm from UK (the main bit - N. Ireland :)),
currently living in Kenya. I made enquiries about a pump with my GP at home and
his response was quite honestly shameful - he said he had only heard of pumps
being used on a research basis! 

I mean it's forgivable to be not up to date with everything, but that's a bit
extreme don't you think? What is not forgivable is that he couldn't do some
simple research on behalf of his patient who has a genuine question. Extremely
misleading advice.

I have since thankfully made contact with another Dr in N. Ireland who has been
on a pump for years himself. He is quite honest about the difficulties he is
having with raising awareness of insulin pump therapy in NI and UK.

Can anyone out there confirm or otherewise that the government in the Republic
of Ireland give pumps and supplies for free?

Carb counting ... I was taught carb counting in a Belfast hospital right from
day one (13 April 1983).

Paul Kennedy

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