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Re: [IPk] mmol - mg conversion help


Ray -

Splendid stuff :-) Like Pat, I claim little wisdom, but here's my thoughts:

Don't forget that US home meters usually display plasma glucose - which is
15% higher than blood glucose. So a US-UK conversion tables must include
this. But Germans use blood glucose in mg/dL. Rather messy isn't it.

And of course the new FastTake meter - uniquely on the British market -
displays plasma glucose. This is bloody balls-up. I've no idea how the
powers-that-be have allowed this. People that used to go hypo at 3.8 will
find themselves hypo at 4.4 - and all because they bought a FastTake. And
clinics won't have a clue whether patients are recording in their logbook
blood or plasma readings, or a mixture of the two if people have one meter
at home and a different meter at work...

Out of interest, where did you get the figure of 18.1 from? An eminent team
of molecular biologists (you know who you are) once told me that the
conversion factor is either exactly 18 - based on atomic weights, or 18.02
if you take into account radioactive decay of the carbon atoms...

I'm inclined to agree with Pat that a one-to-one listing would give you the
2-way conversion in one table.

And for the on-line conversion, here's one I prepared earlier :-) It seems
to do the job, but I haven't had it tested on all system and browser
combinations. Enjoy!

// Copyright John Neale 1998
// Converts between mg/dL and mmol/L at 1 mmol/L = 18 mg/dL
// with rounding and incorrect entry trapping.
// Converts in both directions, depending on which box value is entered in.

function mgconvert() {
	a = Math.round(parseFloat(document.frmConvert.eleMgpdl.value)/18*10)/10
	if (isNaN(a) || a == 0) {
		document.frmConvert.eleMmolpl.value = ""
	} else {
		document.frmConvert.eleMmolpl.value = a

function mmolconvert() {
	a = Math.round(parseFloat(document.frmConvert.eleMmolpl.value)*18)
	if (isNaN(a) || a == 0) {
		document.frmConvert.eleMgpdl.value = ""
	} else {
		document.frmConvert.eleMgpdl.value = a
// -->

<FORM NAME="frmConvert">
mg/dL: <INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE="8" NAME="eleMgpdl" VALUE=""
<INPUT TYPE=button NAME=butt1 VALUE="Convert" onClick="mgconvert()">
mmol/L: <INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE="8" NAME="eleMmolpl" VALUE=""


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