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Re: [IPk] mmol - mg conversion help

In message <009901bf208d$b187ae40$email @ redacted>, Ray Morrissey
<email @ redacted> writes
>For the wise ones out there I would respect your opinion. We frequently get
>asked about the mmol and mg measurements due to the preponderance of US
>sourced material in published papers.
>I have created a web page which provides various means of conversion on
>which I would appreciate some feedback. If you think this is of use, totally
>useless or would prefer some alternative presentations please let me know.
>I will probably add a java based instant calculator when I can figure that
>out - but please comment on the existing. They are available at
>www.applied-medical.co.uk/convert.htm , but are currently not linked from
>our main page.
>thanks for your comments
>Ray Morrissey
Ray, I am far from wise.  I could only see one form of conversion, in
two versions (table and graphic file) for each direction of conversion. 
I think this is a very useful set of information to provide.  For the
Java thing: could you steal (strike that out) be inspired by the
conversion for currency scripting at www.onanda.com?

I have by my computer a straight one-to-one listing: i.e.

2.0  36     6.5  117     11.0  198     15.5  279
2.1  38     6.6  119     11.1  200     15.6  281
2.2  40     6.7  121     11.2  202     15.7  283
and so on, for about eight inches of 12 point type.

I find this easier to use than tables.  If you want to keep with the
tables (too?) then make the text panel above the table the same width of
the table: also consider reducing the size of the text: the slashes make
it difficult to read.
I suggest you don't put 'mg/dl' in the top left corner of your tables:
it looks as if the vertical is 'mg' and the horizontal is 'dl'.

Finally, why stop at 20 (my listing does, too).  While some lucky people
will only use the big numbers for 'how high was I when I was diagnosed'
discussions, some of use them on a weekly basis.
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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