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[IPk] Athletes on Pumps

Hi Julette ,
How are you ?

We have many athletes on pumps , particularly in the US and they love the flexibility that the pump gives them during training and competitions .

One important point to consider is the use of the temporary basal rate allowing for a reduction in the basal rate as needed for the duration of the exercise and for a suitable period afterwards .

If the exercise starts more than 3 hours after a meal the usual advise is to decrease the basal rate by approx. 50% and to keep this for the duration of the exercise and for several hours afterwards .

If exercise follows a meal you need to consider whether actrapid or lispro is being used as the peak insulin action and insulin clearance times are of course different .Generally in this case the bolus dose is reduced by half .[ if the bolus insulin is still active when sport begins ]

It is vital to monitor frequently whilst exercising and also after exercise to understand the risk of hypos during and post exercise .

This is a very individual issue and much depends on how stenuous the sport is , the duration and the level of fitness of the individual .

Joan Everett will be able to give you some pointers on this .

All the best

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