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Re: [IPk] Carb Counting in the UK

Hi Paul

There has been a definite trend in the last few years away from carb 
counting, some of which I can understand. At the end of the day I still 
feel it is necessary to be able to assess the amount of carbs you eating - 
regardless of whether you are type I or II because it can have a 
significant impact.

I prefer John Hughes phrase of "carb assessment" rather than carb counting 
and I have a meeting with the BDA in late November to find out what the 
current thinking is on dietary advice and what has happened to carb 
counting/assessment as part of a healthy diet.

Hopefully, I can put/make the point about how strongly people feel.

I am now off to the Diabetes Conference on the IoW.



At 16:01 27/10/99 , you wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>It's been a while since I posted to the UK IP......
>Anyway, I was in the UK last week to visit my family, my mum and I were
>discussing her DM and in particular, Carb. Counting. She had told her doctor
>that I used a pump and used carb counting to determine bolus' etc. The
>doctor's response was, "A pump!, well you won't get one of those here and we
>don't do carb. counting  here, don't listen to your son".
>I was astonished, is this the norm in the UK? or is this just one individual
>doctor still living in the dark ages?
>During the two days I was with mum I accurately calculated her carbs and she
>did shots as appropriate. Although we had to estimate her carb/insulin
>ratio, overall her blood sugar control was much better.
>Now mum thinks that what I have told her is the 'right' way to go, problem
>is how to convince her doctor. Has anyone else experienced anyting similar
>to this, and if so, what options does my mum have? At the moment, mum is on
>a fixed regime of NPH and Regular.
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