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[IPk] Carb Counting in the UK

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I posted to the UK IP......

Anyway, I was in the UK last week to visit my family, my mum and I were
discussing her DM and in particular, Carb. Counting. She had told her doctor
that I used a pump and used carb counting to determine bolus' etc. The
doctor's response was, "A pump!, well you won't get one of those here and we
don't do carb. counting  here, don't listen to your son".

I was astonished, is this the norm in the UK? or is this just one individual
doctor still living in the dark ages?

During the two days I was with mum I accurately calculated her carbs and she
did shots as appropriate. Although we had to estimate her carb/insulin
ratio, overall her blood sugar control was much better.

Now mum thinks that what I have told her is the 'right' way to go, problem
is how to convince her doctor. Has anyone else experienced anyting similar
to this, and if so, what options does my mum have? At the moment, mum is on
a fixed regime of NPH and Regular.


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