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Re: [IPk] post-meal BGs

> But John, the poor old non-diabetic's pancreas doesn't know that some
> carbohydrate will be eaten in 30 minutes, so it can't make preparations*.
> In fact you and I may know what we shall be eating, and so can pre-place
> the insulin. That gives us the opportunity  to keep an even flatter
> post-meal bg - if we wanted to or needed to. I'm not sure we need to -
> since as small rise is "normal" - so why would we want to? Di?

Ummm, because I'm a perfectionist?
Mainly though, I just want to know if it's really feasible.
Curiosity more than anything. 
And also, I know I'm going to have swings and roundabouts every so
often which I can't do anything about. So I like to control what I can
control as much as I can. if that makes any sense :-)
I'm not really being obsessive <g>, honest.

> The flip side, as you mention, is making room for inaccuracy. A rise from 5
> to 9 then back to 5 is better than a fall from 5 to 1 then back to 5!!!
> John
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