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Re: [IPk] post-meal BGs

Hi John

> However, the big difference is that the pump does not deliver insulin
> directly into the bloodstream but into subcutaneous tissue. There is,
> therefore, a delay in absorbtion and consequently a rise in BG level about 2
> hours after eating.

yes, but if you take your insulin slightly earlier, the insulin hits
at the same time as the food and you shouldn't see a rise. 
> If you try to keep your BG level the same you risk having bad hypos after
> eating.

Actually, I have the opposite problem.  
If my Bg remains level after eating, I'm more likely to be high
later. But that may be due to delayed absorption.

But with a pump you don't just have the option of delivering the whole
dose of insulin at once, you can do a split bolus or square wave. I
often do this with meals and get much better results. With this
ability, if you can predict your absorption of carbs accurately, you
should be able to maintain perfectly flat Bgs.

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