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Re: [IPk] Prescriptions

>Hi Becky,
>If I telephone my GP before 11 o'clock a.m., the GP will fax my prescription
>to my pharmacist, who is around the corner where I live and I can pick up my
>prescrition after 4 o'clock the same day. The bill is send straight to my
>ensurance compagny by the pharmacist.

Frank - We have a similar "slick" system here in Germany. It's all done by
telephone and post. I get 500 strips each time, which last me about 3
months. It's an expensive condition isn't it...

2 years ago in Britain I used to email my doctor my repeat prescription
request. It worked very well, but I think he was as excited to be receiving
it by this method as I was to be sending it!

By the way, is anyone planning to stock up in case their are supply
problems after the millenium rollover? On the Y2K bug front, I've checked
my Esprit/Dex bg meter, and I'm pleased to report I found problems in its
internal software - although their was the potential for one. My MiniMed507
pump doesn't hold the date, so that's not an issue.


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