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Re: [IPk] post-meal BGs

Hi Di

It's from scientific explanation, it's how the body works.

When a normal person, (with a normal pancreas) eats carbohydrates, insulin
is released directly into the bloodstream. This insulin release is rapid and
precisely matches the carbohydrate intake.

On a pump, carbohydrate boluses mirror the way a normal pancreas works. The
amount of carbs determines the insulin dose.

However, the big difference is that the pump does not deliver insulin
directly into the bloodstream but into subcutaneous tissue. There is,
therefore, a delay in absorbtion and consequently a rise in BG level about 2
hours after eating.

If you try to keep your BG level the same you risk having bad hypos after

This is also my personal experience. If you would like a more scientific
view, ask Dr R Hoogma in the Netherlands, he looks after about 250 patients
on pumps at his clinic. You can e-mail him on email @ redacted

I think I got that right, if not ask me again.


John Davis

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