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Re: [IPk] Annoyance

Don't know any professional athletes on pumps, Julette, but there are
plenty of people on pumps who do a lot of sport in general.
I can't think of anything particular that they would need to know or
do on a pump that they wouldn't normally. Apart from sorting out
temporary basals, which is pretty much a trial and error thing (but
not very different from what you'd do on MDI anyway).

The one problem I've found with doing a lot of sport is that it's hard
to basal test. If I'm inactive for more than a couple of days (if for
example I'm injured or something), my
basal needs increase quite a lot. Normally, I don't have to lower my
basals after exercise (which many people who are unaccustomed to a lot
of exercise do need to do). Simply, if I *don't* do any exercise for
more than a couple of days, I raise all my basals. Seems to work for
me. So, don't stop the sport while you basal test. I was advised to
stop all sport etc. while I first sorted out my basals, but it turned
out not to be a good idea.


> Does anyone know any atheletes on pumps. we are thinking of putting one
> on it - and I wouldn't mind some pointers (the diet side of things is
> covered). julette :)
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