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Re: [IPk] Annoyance

> The GP of course doesn't fund your stay in hospital, nor your visit to A&E,
> but he may have his own prescription drugs budget he has to remain within.
> Therein lies the dilemma...

Of course, I know that, and so did he, but it was the point. Also, he
didn't know anything about the pump, so I just said " I *need* to test
this much on the pump or I'll end up in serious trouble" and he
acquiesced. Of course, he also has the additional drugs to fund if we
end up with complications.....
> I believe that 4 tests a day is now regarded as "best medical practice" for
> everyone - whether on a pump or not. Many don't do this - some don't even
> test at all.

My doc was considering 50 stirps a month. That's less than 2 tests a
day! Then again, there was a time when 50 strips would last me about 4 years :-)

 That's their own problem. But if you need 6 or 8 tests a day,
> then so be it. I mean, unless we are mentally deficient, we are hardly
> likely to be testing unnecessarily - afterall, it does involve cutting
> yourself open repeatedly. 

Ah, but they think we are "poor misguided souls" who think we have to
test a lot when in fact we don't :-)


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