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Re: [IPk] post-meal BGs

> But my general impression is that while my bg's are not always held in the
> perfect range, the "excursions" are not usually caused by the insulin
> hitting slower than the food. More likely a mismatch of insulin and carb,
> or one of the other 20 mystery causes.

Well, that is my point really. Should we expect to be able to match
the timing of insulin and carb so perfectly that we don't see any fall
or rise in our Bg after eating?

Even nature isn't that efficient since it doesn't happen with
non-Dmers (mostly).

I always attempt to do this, and am quite often successful - probably
about 50 percent of the time. But of course, that's a bit random
because I'm doing one spot test about 2 hours after the meal, I'm not
measuring continuously. Also, when I do see no rise or fall, I may well get a rise
say 3 hours later. 
> On that front, I did manage a 15mmol/l yesterday. I had been enjoying a
> large quantity of delicious IKEA chocolate and oat biscuits, and merrily
> bolusing away. I then took an extra 4 units, and had a soft landing at
> 5mmol/l, so all ended well.

I had the opposite problem last night. Went to bed with a nice 7.5
mmol/l. Woke up at 1am with a 1.1. Ouch! Whether it was the delayed
effect of swimming in the afternoon (normally i don't need ot decrease
my insulin after exercise because I exercise almost every day, but I
haven't been swimming for over a month so my body might have
considered it a "new" form of exercise (which always drops my Bg
later). Or maybe it was uneven absorption (trying my hip again which
in the past has given me absorption problems). Probably a combination
of the two. 

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