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Re: [IPk] post-meal BGs

>I was wondering what people think about post-meal BGs on the
>pump. What I mean is this: do you think it's reasonable to aim (on th
>epump) for a
>completely flat BG that doesn't rise at all after meals? Obviously
>you're not always going to achieve it (even non-diabetic people
>generally see a small rise), But does anyone actually achieve this

I don't keep accurate enough records to notice this, Di. <embarrassed
confession!> Since my eating habits are so irregular, the time of a bg test
is recorded on my meter/computer, but this doesn't tell you where it came
in relation to ingested carbohydrate...

But my general impression is that while my bg's are not always held in the
perfect range, the "excursions" are not usually caused by the insulin
hitting slower than the food. More likely a mismatch of insulin and carb,
or one of the other 20 mystery causes.

On that front, I did manage a 15mmol/l yesterday. I had been enjoying a
large quantity of delicious IKEA chocolate and oat biscuits, and merrily
bolusing away. I then took an extra 4 units, and had a soft landing at
5mmol/l, so all ended well.

But I do not know if I had massively miscalculated the insulin I should
have been taking - the fact that was able to correct it would suggest that.
Or whether I was "under the weather"/fighting off an infection, and this
was nothing to do with the biscuit feast. Or whether it was an infusion set
problem - I have been using 8mm Rapids this week for the first time, with
the new disconnection facility. The set was 12 hours old, but I'm not
entirely happy with them. Perhaps there was an absorbtion problem?


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