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Re: [IPk] Annoyance

I agree with John here. For me, the annoyance of being attached to the
pump doesn't worry me at all. Although one of my biggest concerns was
how I would wear the pump when dancing, sleeping, etc. but even when
going out I find the convenience of being able to bolus by far
outweighs the inconvenience of wearing the pump. And if it didn't, I
could always detach it and take insulin by syringe.

As for supplies, I initially had some problems getting my infusion
sets when I needed them, but that was due to the clinic (who I get
them from) having a big increase in the number of people using them
and funding problems. Now I jstu call up a week or so before to check
the clinic have some in stock, and pop in whenever I want and pick
some up. If they don't have any, they order some and they arrive in a
couple of days.

I carry around a spare infusion set, syringe and cartridge of Humalog
in my bag, pretty much wherever I'm going if it's for more than a
couple of hours. For more than a day I take a cartridge of Actapid and
Insulatard too.

For prescriptions, I get a month's supply at a time. In my old GP's
surgery, I could ring up 48 hours before and order the repeat
prescription by phone. About every 6 months I would have to go and see
the doctor to get it renewed. At my new clinic I can't phone in my
request but I think I can send it by mail, or go in physically and ask
for it. Still only a month at a time but that's no big deal.

I don't find any of it a big deal, and I'm not particularly

> Mike - I don't quite understand your bit about managing consumables! Are
> you disorganised or something? ;-) Once I got into the swing of things, I
> would keep a spare infusion set change at work (I've never used it) and
> small syringe and penfill cartridge hidden in my wallet so I can go to
> manual if my pump does ever become inoperable when I'm out for the day
> (only happened once when I ran out of insulin).
> Pat - does your GP _really_ run a reorder-every-3-weeks for supplies? That
> sounds like an extraordinary waste of his and your time. Or is that the
> intention? :-( I did a postal repeat prescription, which would be collected
> automatically by the chemist. No visit to the surgery required. And we
> agreed to stock to the 3 month level 4 times a year...
> John
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