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RE: [IPk] Annoyance


Yes, well you and I are in the same boat aren't we!  I am a technical person
by nature and when I put effort into debugging a problem I expect to be
rewarded with results.  Unfortunately diabetes is a moving target and the
best science won't necessarily win, BUT, the best science coupled with good
motivation will, I believe, prevail to a degree.

That aside I do get pretty sick of the variability of things, esp basal
insulin requirements.  My variations I think are due mainly to stress and
the unpredictable absorption of the long acting insulins.  But I am simply
floored by some results I get, things going haywire for no apparent reason.

John is correct in that with the pump things can be tweaked better as we go,
reacting to variations as they appear.  But the reality is that we can't
match the body's need for a constantly variable insulin need.  Pumps offer
the best approximation.

My experience tho is that i can achieve a stable HbA1c of 6% and it just
sits there every test.  So that's pretty good.  My issues are day to day
swings in BG, plus flexibility and quality of life.  Personally I would
rather stay on MDI and plan to work hard at tuning my regimen up.  I tried
pumping for 4 weeks and loved the improved control I got from it.   BUT, the
big downers for me with pumping were:

-	wearing the pump (it annoyed me a lot being attached to it)
-	cost of the pump, plus ongoing cost of consumables
-	managing consumables (making sure i didn't run out, etc etc)

These things are highly significant to me and may decide me against the
pump.  But the improved control and flexibilty were great!  MDI is easier to
live with by far for me.

Hope you are doing well Becky :)


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>To answer your question - yes I get very annoyed, upset, frustrated, fed up
>with diabetes.  I am not on a pump but am currently thinking about it, but
>have similar problems to you on injections.  ie I can have very good
>readings for 2-3 weeks on a set amount of insulin and then all of a sudden
>things start to go haywire for no apparent reason - I'm eating the same,
>exercising the same -  what can you do ?  If anyone has the answer please
>let us know.

Becky - I felt a lot better about it once I accepted that the human body is
just like that. Different days, different things.

You can identify certain things that effect the bg - time of the month,
moods, stress, weather etc, but sometimes the body just changes. Just
accept that insulin injection (and pumping for that matter) is a very crude
approximation to the complex things that go on in the body.

But what I  l o v e  about the pump is the ability to tweak as I go along,
and so accommodate these random changes, rather than just getting pissed


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