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Re: [IPk] Annoyance

>To answer your question - yes I get very annoyed, upset, frustrated, fed up
>with diabetes.  I am not on a pump but am currently thinking about it, but
>have similar problems to you on injections.  ie I can have very good
>readings for 2-3 weeks on a set amount of insulin and then all of a sudden
>things start to go haywire for no apparent reason - I'm eating the same,
>exercising the same -  what can you do ?  If anyone has the answer please
>let us know.

Becky - I felt a lot better about it once I accepted that the human body is
just like that. Different days, different things.

You can identify certain things that effect the bg - time of the month,
moods, stress, weather etc, but sometimes the body just changes. Just
accept that insulin injection (and pumping for that matter) is a very crude
approximation to the complex things that go on in the body.

But what I  l o v e  about the pump is the ability to tweak as I go along,
and so accommodate these random changes, rather than just getting pissed


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