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Re: [IPk] Basal rates - when your own body's needs vary

>I am developing the distinct impression that my own body has less than
>predictable basal insulin requirements.  This is obvious when the I see the
>same basal delivery from the pump resulting in significantly different BGs
>from day to day.  It's especially difficult when my own dawn phemonenon
>varies significantly.

Mike - I keep an open mind on this. Yes, sometimes unpredictable things
happen to my bg, and sometimes they are stable. When they move
unexpectedly, I don't beat myself and fast for a day to check my basals...
I just take a correction dose or a measured amount of glucose, and move on.
That's the benefit of checking say 6 times a day. It allows me to actively
manage my bg, and keep it within a fairly narrow - but not perfect - range.

"Classical" pump theory says we have a fairly stable basal profile. Like
you, I'm not convinced this is entirely true. No two days are the same for
me, and in me different activities seem to require different levels of
basal insulin. But for me it works well enough more often than it doesn't -
provided I take the small correction doses.

Also, if my overnight bg's are high, or if I wake very high, my body's
insulin sensitivity may be thrown off for the rest of the day. Similarly,
if I go mildly hypo in the night[1], I may need to double my basal rate
till mid afternoon to keep my bg steady. These are tricks I've picked up
along the way, and seem to work for me.

And do remember that long acting cloudy insulins often have a very
irregular unpredictable absorbtion. From day to day the insulin can be
released at different random times, and sometimes not all the insulin gets
to the blood: it just degrades under the skin. So on injections, this can
account for a lot of the frustrating day to day changes. On a pump you've
removed that irregualrity, so you are facing less instability... that

>Anybody else
>get really annoyed with diabetes :)

Yep. Often :-) But life's better than death - as far as I can tell.

How are you finding things now you are back on injections?


[1] Normally associated with alcohol consumption :o(

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