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[IPk] Basal rates - when your own body's needs vary

I am developing the distinct impression that my own body has less than
predictable basal insulin requirements.  This is obvious when the I see the
same basal delivery from the pump resulting in significantly different BGs
from day to day.  It's especially difficult when my own dawn phemonenon
varies significantly.

Pumps are extremely good at delivering exact quantities of insulin off
course, but  how do we match a body's specific needs, which are variable, to
this therapy?  I would guess that as diabetes is not an exact science then
it's a simple matter of trial and error (groan).  When I had my pump trial
recently I found that seemingly out of the blue a basal level which had been
meticulously trialed and set and was working really well suddenly when
ballistic and had to be re-determined (well, not ballistic, but
significantly off!).  I'm collating data to back up this waffle with hard
evidence btw.

Does anyone have any comments on this in their own experience?  Anybody else
get really annoyed with diabetes :)

- Mike

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