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Re: [IPk] Which Infusion set

>John Neale has suggested that you should not use a sof-set with the
>Disetronic Pump. However there is actually no reason for this. We have
>successfully used the Sof-Set with the Disetronic Pump since they were
>launched. (They are also used with almost every portable infusion pump for a
>wide range of other applications). So if the Sof-Set is what you want then
>it is quite safe to use it.

I bow to your knowledge, Ray.

I read once on the US IP list that the problem is with the small hole that
is left in the rubber membrane when you have removed the insertion needle.
This hole is essentially self-sealing. But since the Disetronic pumps at a
higher pressure, there is a risk that if the canula got blocked, the
insulin could leak out of this hole before the pressure is reached where
the No Delivery alarm sounds - thus preventing the alarm from being

Can anyone confirm this?


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