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Re: [IPk] Which Infusion set

>     I am wearing the pump since 3 weeks and am very happy about my
>     decision to change.  I nonetheless find the infusion set to be the
>     most problematic aspect of the pump.
>     I currently use the DISECTRONIC Classic Pc and apply a 3M Tegaderm on
>     top of it.

Xavier -

I've had trouble with infusion sets too.

I suggest you try all the available sets until you find the one that is
best for you. Different people prefer different sets.

According to my German catalog, the Classics, or "bent needles" come in 2
lengths: 15.6mm and 18.2mm. Try the shorter one.

Or there is the Disetronic "Rapid", which is a needle that goes straight in
at 90 degrees. They are available in 6, 8, 10 & 12mm depths.

Then there is the Disetronic "Contact", which is similar to the Rapid, and
available in 8, 10 & 12mm depths.

But my favortite is the Disetronic "Tender" (also sold by Minimed as the
Silhouette) which has no needle, but just leaves a piece of soft tubing
under the skin. You cannot feel this at all. I also do not need any special
tape. It fixes itself very securely to the skin.

If you are using a Minimed pump, you can also use the SofSet, which is also
just soft plastic tubing, and it goes straight into the skin. The advantage
is that you can automatically fire the thing into the skin with a
spring-loaded gun. But these sets can't be used with the Disetronic pumps,
since they pump at a higher pressure.

Anyone else have any other favourite infusion sets?

>     I have a second question:
>     I have not had a battery alarm yet and am expecting one soon.  How
>     long do I have before the pump Disectronic Htron plus V100 stops when
>     I hear the beep?
>     (i.e.
>     - When it beeps it has already stopped,
>     - When it beeps it will stop within 1 hour or
>     - When it beeps I still have 5 to 10 hours to change the battery).

On my Minimed507, I get up to 7 days warning before I *have* to change. So
I don't take spare batteries when I leave the house in the morning. There
is also a 2nd alarm that sounds when it is *really* low, and a 3rd alarm to
say it has actually stopped...


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