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Re: [IPk] Which Infusion set

Hi Xavier

I work for Disetronic in the Uk and I have to say that we have little or no
instances of use of the classic infusion set in this country, with pump
users. I think that you would be wise to try the rapid under the
circumstances on a short length, i.e 6mm, as you are of slim build.  I think
if  you do this you will find a lot of the irritations caused by the classic
can be eliminated.

On the subject of Tegaderm, some people use it and some don't it is whatever
you find comfortable for yourself, if you do experience problems with the
site sticking, then it will help.

Your battery issue is one that has been raised before and I still think this
is in debate because we find most people will change the battery as soon as
it beeps to be safe, while others will leave it a few hours and still be
okay and others even slightly longer, so individual pump users may want to
feed back to you on this.  My recommendation would be to change as soon as
you hear the beep, that way you are safe and there is very little battery
life left at that stage anayway.  If you are not in a position to change the
battery as and when the alarm goes off, then it's probably best to change it
as soon after as you can.

i'm glad to hear that other than that things are going well for you in
Belgium and should you have any further queries, please feel free to ask.

Kind regards

Estelle Lucas
Customer Service

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From: Dechamps, Xavier <email @ redacted>
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Date: 08 October 1999 20:44
Subject: [IPk] Which Infusion set

>     I am wearing the pump since 3 weeks and am very happy about my
>     decision to change.  I nonetheless find the infusion set to be the
>     most problematic aspect of the pump.
>     I currently use the DISECTRONIC Classic Pc and apply a 3M Tegaderm on
>     top of it.
>     I sometimes have red marks at the needle insertion site, pains when
>     one of my kids jumps in my arms, or discomfort in certain positions
>     (such as turning my upper-body when going into reverse with my car).
>     I also sometimes feel sort of a byte at the first bolus after changing
>     the set.
>     I find the needle on the Classic set to be quite long which is a
>     problem for me since I am so skinny that I can hardly find any fat in
>     which to insert this long needle.
>     Has anyone experienced the same symptoms, would a switch to the Rapid
>     Pr infusion set help me in anyway and do I still need to use the
>     Tegaderm with that set?
>     I have a second question:
>     I have not had a battery alarm yet and am expecting one soon.  How
>     long do I have before the pump Disectronic Htron plus V100 stops when
>     I hear the beep?
>     (i.e.
>     - When it beeps it has already stopped,
>     - When it beeps it will stop within 1 hour or
>     - When it beeps I still have 5 to 10 hours to change the battery).
>     I am very interested in your answers.
>     Thank for all the help you can give.
>     Xavier from Belgium :-}
>     PS: some optimistic aspects of the pump, my results are much better,
>     my total insulin consumption has decreased by 20%, I sleep better and
>     I don't forget my injections anymore.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
help SUPPORT Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml