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[IPk] Which Infusion set

     I am wearing the pump since 3 weeks and am very happy about my 
     decision to change.  I nonetheless find the infusion set to be the 
     most problematic aspect of the pump.
     I currently use the DISECTRONIC Classic Pc and apply a 3M Tegaderm on 
     top of it.
     I sometimes have red marks at the needle insertion site, pains when 
     one of my kids jumps in my arms, or discomfort in certain positions 
     (such as turning my upper-body when going into reverse with my car).  
     I also sometimes feel sort of a byte at the first bolus after changing 
     the set.
     I find the needle on the Classic set to be quite long which is a 
     problem for me since I am so skinny that I can hardly find any fat in 
     which to insert this long needle.
     Has anyone experienced the same symptoms, would a switch to the Rapid 
     Pr infusion set help me in anyway and do I still need to use the 
     Tegaderm with that set?
     I have a second question:
     I have not had a battery alarm yet and am expecting one soon.  How 
     long do I have before the pump Disectronic Htron plus V100 stops when 
     I hear the beep? 
     - When it beeps it has already stopped, 
     - When it beeps it will stop within 1 hour or 
     - When it beeps I still have 5 to 10 hours to change the battery).
     I am very interested in your answers.  
     Thank for all the help you can give.
     Xavier from Belgium :-}
     PS: some optimistic aspects of the pump, my results are much better, 
     my total insulin consumption has decreased by 20%, I sleep better and 
     I don't forget my injections anymore.
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