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Re: [IPk] BDA update

In message <l03130332b41ec1f56e51@[]>, John Neale
<email @ redacted> writes
>2000 pounds does indeed seem like a lot of money. It is. And I believe the
>NHS should be paying for the pump and the infusion sets.
>In the meantime, if you went to your bank and asked for a 2000 pound loan
>repayable over 4 years (lets assume you have a good credit rating there),
>what would the weekly repayments be? Say 10% interest - that's 2900 over 4
>years. Divide by 4 x 52. 14 pounds a week. A bit more affordable? Perhaps.
Are you a member of a union or trade association?  Many of them have
funds for members who need money for such things, and might be able to
help, or provide an interest-free loan.

But I still think the NHS should be paying!  I assume that the problem
is that neither the pump nor the supplies are on "the list" of
prescribable items (this was the problem with lancets for the softclix,
until a year or so ago).  Obvious question: have the manufacturers
asked?  When?  What was the response?  Has NICE been asked?  (Am I the
only reader of CS Lewis out here who can't type that without a slight
frisson?)  When is a NICE response expected?

I personally think that I earn quite enough to be able to cover the 2
or 3 a day which the pump will cost - and so won't ask my union for a
loan (or, at least, I would earn enough if I didn't spend so much on
education and books).  I would, however, ask them to support a campaign
to make pumps available on the NHS.  The union in question is Unison -
which has a large health service membership, so this could be part of
the education of professionals programme.

So ... is there any likelihood of there being a formal campaign?
Ideally, of course, lead by the BDA.  

Best wishes to all,
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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