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[IPk] New pumps

I notice that Minimed have just released a new insulin pump... the 508.

It looks much like the 507C, in the same casing, but it has 3 separate sets
of basal rates - for workday/weekend/sickday for example. And it has an
"almost out of insulin" alarm, rather than the current "you ran out an hour
ago". Hurrah!

But best of all, it has a remote control device, that hangs on your
keyring. So you can hide the pump in your sock/bra/underpants etc, and do a
bolus without having to get the pump out.

See more at http://www.minimed.com

Also there's an entirely new pump manufacturer - Animas - about to hit the
market with their new R1000. See it at http://www.animascorp.com  The pump
seems to be smaller, thinner and lighter than either of the main Disetronic
or Minimed pumps, loaded with features missing from the current range of
pumps, and easier to refill. They reckon it will get US approval in the
next few months, and European approval by June 2000.


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