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Re: [IPk] BDA update

>I am keen to proceed - I am not certain yet which model. I like the bells
>and whistles of the MiniMed but think that the fact that I travel a lot and
>Diesotronic supply a backup is important.

Phil - it's a sort of Coke v. Pepsi choice. They're both equally good - and
your above comments suggest you're looking at it in an intelligent informed

> The only reservation is cost.  Two thousand pounds plus consumeables or
>there abouts is a LOT of money! My current question is does anyone have
>strategies, that have worked, for getting help with funding from local

2000 pounds does indeed seem like a lot of money. It is. And I believe the
NHS should be paying for the pump and the infusion sets.

In the meantime, if you went to your bank and asked for a 2000 pound loan
repayable over 4 years (lets assume you have a good credit rating there),
what would the weekly repayments be? Say 10% interest - that's 2900 over 4
years. Divide by 4 x 52. 14 pounds a week. A bit more affordable? Perhaps.

Pester your GP and your diabetes clinic for infusion set funding. They have
access to the funds and budgets. It's just a question of persuading them to
break their own rules...


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