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[IPk] Salsero

Hey Folks,

> One thing I do remember reading was that a sharp spike after a meal -
> provided it is of short duration - does not appear to increase the risk of
> complications. It is only after several hours of hyperglycaemia that the
> glucose starts to damage various cell structures.

> Sadly I don't remember where I read it - I had all sorts of books off the
> shelves - and it may have been based on the current rather sketchy
> understanding of the complications processes, rather than on any long term
> trials.

Thanks for the input, everyone. Basically, my doc had told me something
similar a few years ago.  I was itching to get my hands on an article.

I have an another sort of research question.  John, speaking of your
obsession with gadgets  . . .
I've been looking into the Psion/Palm Pilot hand held computers.  Anyone
with info about the two, differences etc is welcome to email me privately.
It's kinda similar to the MiniMed/Disetronic debate :)

Anyway . . . Speaking of Salsa . . .  who would've guessed that so many
insulin pumpers salsa?  Are we in heaven or are we in heaven?  John Neele,
being the webmaster, does that also make you the social chair in charge of
organizing outings to the best Latin clubs in London?  Actually, I think it
does and I am sure that Di agrees!

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