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Re: [IPk] Sensor findings

>A recommendation that our doctors are starting to make is that you correct
>for lows with glucose tablets rather than orange juice or candy bars so that
>you can closely equate the no. of glucose tablets that you are taking and
>the rise in B/G values .

That's interesting Morag. I've certainly always treated hypos where
possible with a known amount of glucose.

You can work out the figures by putting your carb/insulin ratio and your
insuiln sensitivity factor together:

If 1 unit of insulin lowers my bg by 2.5 mmol/L,
and a 1 unit bolus requires 15g of carb,
then putting the 2 together, you get:
15g of carb raises my bg by 2.5 mmol/L

A standard "Euro" glucose tablet is 3.4g. So 5 tabs will take my bg from
(reaches for calculator) 3.5 to 6.3

This of course assumes that whatever caused you to go hypo is no longer
acting to lower the bg. If you over-estimated a bolus, this isn't the case:
the bg is going to carry on falling. So you'll have to carry on eating more
tablets. But how do you know when to stop?

But certainly a pump hypo is very different from an MDI hypo. On a pump the
hypo is usually either fairly mild or you can quantify it. But on MDI, the
insulin mismatch could be quite great, so as fast as you raise your bg with
glucose, it carries on falling. I've always presumed that is why they
recommend treating a hypo with a fairly large amount of carb.


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