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[IPk] Sensor findings

One of the most common things that the glucose sensor studies are showing is
that most people over correct hypos and end up shooting up too high and
staying high for several hours post correction of a low event .

A recommendation that our doctors are starting to make is that you correct
for lows with glucose tablets rather than orange juice or candy bars so that
you can closely equate the no. of glucose tablets that you are taking and
the rise in B/G values .

This change in procedure has been implemented in several pump centres in the
USA and is resulting in better overall control and improved Hba1cs .

In one study they were able to reduce Hba1c values by 1.6% in a 3 month
timeframe after using the sensor and then making changes to the insulin
regime [ for both pump and multiple injections users ]
This was achieved mainly by improving nocturnal values , post prandial highs
and over corrections of B/G values .


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