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Re: [IPk] No delivery alarm

>Di - do you have one of those funny blue plastic loop things that you can't
>work out what it's for? They come in the SofSet boxes. Well, one thing you
>can do with it is to wedge the tubing in the tight slot to force it to be
>blocked. That's what it's for. You've got to push it in quite hard. You
>then set a bolus going, and see when the No Delivery alarm goes off. Mine
>usually goes off at around 1.5 units.

Cunning plan! It's quite hard to block the tube otherwise! I must have had
one but I think I lost it. 

>Don't beat yourself for running out of insulin! I did it last week too,
>when I was in Manchester. 

Glad it's not just me! The stupid thing was that I actually checked it
before i left home this morning! especially as I knew it was getting low.
But I obviously misread it in my bleary eyed state. 

Went to bed very tired (that happens a lot
>too...) and at 3am the ND alarm went off with an empty cartridge. I'm a
>heavy sleeper and the alarm didn't wake me until about 4.30am. 

Doesn't it go into "siren mode" after a few minutes? I'm sure mine did last
time. I'm amazed that didn't wake you up!

>I also managed to get a displaced catheter at Heathrow. No idea how. The
>Tender's adhesive pad actually slipped across the skin about 1cm. 

Mine sometimes slips a few mm, but nothing to worry about.

Someone told me that the needle of a Sil came out once while the adhesive
remained fixed in place. I don't really see how that's possible but
apparently it is.

e were
>just taxiing down the runway when I felt something funny at the site, and
>saw the catheter just popping out of the hole. Checked my bg - 5.0. Gave
>myself 2 units by syringe just to be safe. And then once in the air I got
>my emergency set out and went to the toilet to change it.
>I don't mind testing and injecting in public. But I'm feel an infusion set
>change needs a little more privacy....

that's one thing I do anywhere :-)
Even to the extent of refilling and inserting a Sofset on the train (not the
most discrete thing to do!). I did get some funny looks :-)
With the Silhouette it's barely noticeable that you're doing anything. I
often change sets at my desk while carrying on a conversation with the
person next to me, without them even noticing! yet I still don't like
testing my BG in front of my firends :-) I know, I'm just weird :-)

P.S. Please would someone let me know if my lines aren't wrapping properly?
I'm using a different mail package.

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