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Re: [IPk] No delivery alarm

>The no delivery alarm will go before 2 - 3 units of insulin have been missed
>This will occur if there is a catheter occlusion or an empty seringe .
>Minimed has improved the quality of the polyethylene lining in the sets so
>that it can't expand much and triggers the alarm more rapidly . We made this
>change as a safety feature mainly for lispro [ humalog ] use .

Di - do you have one of those funny blue plastic loop things that you can't
work out what it's for? They come in the SofSet boxes. Well, one thing you
can do with it is to wedge the tubing in the tight slot to force it to be
blocked. That's what it's for. You've got to push it in quite hard. You
then set a bolus going, and see when the No Delivery alarm goes off. Mine
usually goes off at around 1.5 units.

Don't beat yourself for running out of insulin! I did it last week too,
when I was in Manchester. Went to bed very tired (that happens a lot
too...) and at 3am the ND alarm went off with an empty cartridge. I'm a
heavy sleeper and the alarm didn't wake me until about 4.30am. (How did I
know it started at 3am? Aha! it displays the start time of the alarm - very
sensible). Bg was 9 - so there was no real damage. But it's quite a feat to
be refilling cartridges at 4.30am :-(

I also managed to get a displaced catheter at Heathrow. No idea how. The
Tender's adhesive pad actually slipped across the skin about 1cm. We were
just taxiing down the runway when I felt something funny at the site, and
saw the catheter just popping out of the hole. Checked my bg - 5.0. Gave
myself 2 units by syringe just to be safe. And then once in the air I got
my emergency set out and went to the toilet to change it.

I don't mind testing and injecting in public. But I'm feel an infusion set
change needs a little more privacy....


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