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Re: [IPk] My pump trial - first impressions

Mike - sounds like you've started ok!

Try different infusion sets. As John Walsh writes, try the needles
intially. They are easy to take out and move. There's not much to go wrong.
The Tenders do need practice to get in properly, although on my skin, and
in our climate, I find they are generally very robust. Having said that, I
did experience a slipped Tender a few days ago when I was flying out of

Regarding the bad sites, are you cleaning the site really thoroughly? Some
people require little or no preparation, others must use chlorhexidine
swabs and iodine and goodness knows what to get a really sterile surface in
order to avoid infection. Find out what your body needs.

Also experiment with different areas of your body. They are not all the
same. I prefer the fat around the side of my waist, and as far back as I
can get, and the lower part of my stomach. These areas seem to give me fast
regular absorbtion.

I predict that you will very rapidly get used to having the pump there -
and will feel naked without it!

Let us know what's going on...


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