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Re: [IPk] Research Inquiry

>I have a question that maybe someone out there could answer.  Katie, my wife
>and I were talking about research studies related to the duration of
>hyperglycemic episodes and the incidence of complications.

Peter, it just happens I was in Cambridge last week - and I did some
reading at the medical library at Addenbrookes Hospital.

One thing I do remember reading was that a sharp spike after a meal -
provided it is of short duration - does not appear to increase the risk of
complications. It is only after several hours of hyperglycaemia that the
glucose starts to damage various cell structures.

Sadly I don't remember where I read it - I had all sorts of books off the
shelves - and it may have been based on the current rather sketchy
understanding of the complications processes, rather than on any long term

So the message seems to be high bg's overnight are bad news, and dawn
effects are probably bad news, but a post-meal spike caused by the insulin
hitting the blood slower than the food may not be so bad.

That's my tuppence...


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