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Re: [IPk] URGENT: absorption question

To Diana Maynard: it's true there seem to be bad sites but I've a feeling
that too much is being blamed on this phenomenon. My impression is that the
more we test the more we discover inconsistencies which simply didn't use to
be noticed.

As regards the life of infusion sets, I have for the last four years only
used a new set when changing cartridges (once a week or so with the
Disetronic) unless the butterfly became blood-stained, but have always
changed sites on a daily basis. Perhaps others have a different practice and
reasons for it?
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De : Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
 : email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date : vendredi 1 octobre 1999 11:50
Objet : Re: [IPk] URGENT: absorption question

>Thanks for the response. Yes, I guess it is a bit of an individual
>thing. In the past when I've had a "bad" site I've just had poor
>absorption, but not erratic absorption. I guess it's another thing to
>watch out for.
>The answer was that in spite of very careful corrective bolusing, I
>crashed down to 3 mmol/l jus tbefore the dance clas. Took nearly an
>hour to bring it back up to 5, with several glucose tabs and a basal
>of 0. After that it was fine and I got home after the class with a BG
>of 5, and woke up this am with a BG of 4.5. So all is thenkfully back
>to normal.
>I have learnt another two lessons from that episode.
>Another question: how do you remember when you last changed your set?
>I always forget how long I've had it in for. I suppose if you're
>keeping a written record fo your BGs you could note it there.
>> I have these episodes also, and I  find that the only solution is to test
>> very frequently and not overreact to the highs or lows. Keep the glucose
>> tablets to hand if you are going dancing!
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