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Re: [IPk] URGENT: absorption question

Thanks for the response. Yes, I guess it is a bit of an individual
thing. In the past when I've had a "bad" site I've just had poor
absorption, but not erratic absorption. I guess it's another thing to
watch out for.

The answer was that in spite of very careful corrective bolusing, I
crashed down to 3 mmol/l jus tbefore the dance clas. Took nearly an
hour to bring it back up to 5, with several glucose tabs and a basal
of 0. After that it was fine and I got home after the class with a BG
of 5, and woke up this am with a BG of 4.5. So all is thenkfully back
to normal.

I have learnt another two lessons from that episode.

Another question: how do you remember when you last changed your set?
I always forget how long I've had it in for. I suppose if you're
keeping a written record fo your BGs you could note it there.

> I have these episodes also, and I  find that the only solution is to test
> very frequently and not overreact to the highs or lows. Keep the glucose
> tablets to hand if you are going dancing!
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