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Re: [IPk] Pump Choices

Hi Clare,

Wow, unprecedented choice, good to see!
Need to know what's important to you - do you want integration with CGM
(now or future)? is a primary one.
What do you have now - would you be more comfortable with just the latest
version of what you have?
Would you prefer one with a remote you can bolus from? (I know you ladies
like to not have to fish it out of a dress to operate!) :-)
How important is cannula choice?

Generally, a few things I've picked up from readings, opinion mostly since
I've had MM515 > animas vibe >T:slim, although I did do some research when
they were developing the ypsopump around whether to use a reservoir or
prefilled carts.

1 - quite small and felt basic, touch screen.
2 - known for problems with it and it's handset (may have been sorted now
3 - Seen at event stands and generally seems Chinese 'budget' option,
tubeless patch pump
4 - Very long in the tooth but bulletproof, can be used for
integration/loop via DIY route
5 - pass, no info but omnipod is self contained so no on pump control once
applied and cannot be removed/resited, also no choice of cannula, if it
doesn't suit you're stuck, and if you forget/loose PDM controller you can't
control pump.
6 - T:slim is what I have now, great pump and integrates with Dexcom G6,
has had 2 firmware updates, first to enable basal IQ which can
lower/suspend to prevent hypos, and then to control IQ which can also
adjust basal and bolus to prevent hypers.  Future proofed to an extent as
you can update without having to change pump.  Has a unique cartridge with
insulin bag in and is only officially approved for humalog and novoslow
(although as usual I'm using fiasp and apidra in it with no problems!)
7/10 - Quite small Korean pumps, notably they work with the open source
community and don't keep everything proprietary like the others, so can
have apps etc. community developed, able to control pump from phone and use
AAPS etc. to loop. Takes an unusual 3.6v lithium battery.
8 - Patch pumps (set of 2 one to wash and one to wear!) with own handset,
smaller 200u carts, same comments as for omnipod.
9 - Standard MM, earlier model to 670G, some have had lots of problems,
some seem to do well, large!, can link to MM sensors for low suspend don't
see a reson to choose over 670G which superceded it.
11 - Latest model, has low/high suspend/adjust when used with MM CGM, same
large frame.

Some comparisons covering most of these:


Good luck!

On Wed, 11 Nov 2020 at 10:53, Hayward, Clare (SUT) Staff <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello everyone
> I hope you've all been keeping well both physically and mentally during
> these
> crazy times.
> I am due for a pump renewal in Jan 2021 and my hospital have a choice of 11
> (which I think is unbelievable and wonderful) and I wonder if any of you
> have
> any words of wisdom or comments on any of them. At this moment, I am only
> provided with the list and it is up to me to do my own research, which is
> obviously absolutely fair enough, but any reviews or experiences of you
> lot who
> may use some of these is always helpful, so thanks in advance for any
> responses.
> 1.       Mylife ypsopump (Ypsomed)
> 2.       Accucheck insight (Roche)
> 3.       A6 Touch care (Medtrum)
> 4.       Accucheck combo (Roche)
> 5.       Omnipod DASH (Insulet)
> 6.       Tandem T-Slim (Air liquid)
> 7.       Dana R (Advanced Therapeutics)
> 8.       Kaleido Pump (ViCentra)
> 9.       Minimed 640G (Medtronic)
> 10.   Dana RS (Advanced Therapeutics)
> 11.   MiniMed 670G (Medtronic)
> Clare, Type 1 40 years this Sept 20. Pumping 8 years. Still learning!
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