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Re: [IPk] ip-uk-digest V5 #1326

Hi John,

You can use 0% temp basal - as you say, and as I have also learnt by
unfortunate trial and error, temp basal is much safer than suspend.

My excellent endo has also pointed out to me that as one gets only (I'm 71)
low BG is something to be wary of more than high - I hate high's even
though thankfully I don't suffer breathlessness. I do worry about what will
be as I get older - my husband is enormously caring but far less involved
than you are - to be fair this may be in part because I've preferred to be

You write about 'getting time factors right' - my approach to diabetes is
that I am so obviously affected by most if not all the 42 factors that BG
control cannot be an exact science for me (and this fascinates me - as a
Medical Physicist, I've been working at the interface between the exact
science of physics and the variability of human biology most of my working
life) - so I do not think in terms of getting factors right - absorption of
the same foods may be different at different times, writing emails or
talking on the phone can send BG sliding or even shooting up or down, right
is what works for me today at this hour, not some absolute 'correct'
factor. The pump and  Libre are lifesavers. And thankfully my consultant
understands all this and is not judgemental though he does come up with
helpful suggestions.

Best of luck

On Sun, 1 Nov 2020 at 12:52, John Gareth Hicks <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi Nanette
> No, hadn't seen the 42 factors article, thanks a lot for pointing me at it.
>  A quick flick through and I can identify with several factors, have
> printed it
> out to go through in detail with Jean.
>  You may have gathered she isn't "computer friendly", just as well that I
> spend
> half my waking hours on one or the other (2 ipads and an imac).
>  Yes, that's the advantage of Dual Wave as long as we get the time factors
> right, we don't always.
>  After confessing to using 'Suspend basal' to our consultant we now have
> two
> Temp Basal's set up. one at 200% and the other at 10%, the options are
> limitless.
>  I did once forget to cancel Suspend Basal for 3 hours and we certainly
> paid for
> that lapse !
>  Reminds me of a recent occasion in lockdown when I started one of our two
> vehicles to charge the battery, intending to go back out and switch off the
> engine after 20 minutes, remembered 4 hours later !
> Didn't do much for the local environmment that day.
>  I should mention that I am an octogenarian, Jean catching up fast, I can
> tell
> you that these age related memory issues are real !
> John
>  > On 1 Nov 2020, at 07:24, Nanette Freedman
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >
> > Hi John,
> >
> > In case you haven't seen this, it might be of interest:
> > https://diatribe.org/42factors
> > 42 factors that can raise or lower BG
> >
> > I was wondering when you write that you find dual waves of insulin
> helpful,
> > I assume this is because you stop the longer "dual" part of the bolus if
> it
> > is clear that the food that it was intended to cover was not eaten. By
> the
> > way, another trick that I find can help further in this sort of situation
> > is to set the basal rate to zero temporarily.
> > Best regards
> > Nanette
> >
> > On Fri, 30 Oct 2020 at 16:55, John Gareth Hicks <
> > email @ redacted> wrote:
> >
> >> Hi Rosie
> >> Unfortunately Jean now associates breathlessness with a high bg so
> starts
> >> to
> >> panic when the libre shows 8 bg, say, with an upward pointing arrow.
> >>
> >> She is a bit lax with the timing of boluses, doesn't always pre bolus so
> >> some
> >> foods race away ahead of the insulin.
> >>
> >> I find dual waves are a plus since she frequently can't finish the meal
> >> she's
> >> based the bolus on.
> >>
> >> Thanks for the input
> >>
> >> John
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