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[IPk] Re: Toes

your toe has sympathy from my big toe. Three weeks ago it was still
warm here, and as I was walking up some rough stone steps wearing
open-toed sandals, I slipped and fell, crashing my big toe against the
steps. I was hurrying somewhere, and stupidly thought that if I ignored
the injury, it would go away. The toenail is now black, with a little
hole in the middle that the dr burnt in order to allow blood and gunge
to emerge and reduce pressure. It was a shock, and excruciatingly
painful initially, and I should have gone to the dr much sooner than I
did. He said I should come back when the nail starts to fall off. Your
toe sounds as if it may have a burn as well as a severe bruise (those
Le Creuset lids are heavy!). Take good care of it.
Feel better.
> Struth! Got a casserole out of the freezer yesterday afternoon, in
> one of
> those bright orange Le Creuset dishes. Whacked it in the oven. Hour
> later
> checked to see how it was getting on: it was thawing, but the dish
> was
> still rather cold. So I put it on the hob. Despite being in the oven
> for an
> hour, the dish was cool enough to pick up by hand. Then I went to put
> the
> cast iron lid on it. Picked it up by hand. IT WAS HOT. Silly me. The
> frozen
> casserol keeps the dish cold, but the lid picks up the oven heat to
> its
> full temperature. In shock and surprise, I dropped the lid. Which
> landed
> end on on the big toe of my bare foot. Owww!!! I hopped round the
> house
> screaming blue murder, accompanied by my 8-month old baby screeming
> in
> sympathy, and my 3-and-a-half year old wanting to know if I needed to
> go to
> the doctor. Perhaps I do.
> Of course, as a good diabetic, I shouldn't have been walking around
> in bare
> feet. Serves me right. Guess that makes me a bad diabetic.

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