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RE: [IPk] Re: Pump Holiday, and an idea

 I have noticed with Sasha, that now we can adjust the Novorapid to cover meals,
that if Sasha is not very
 hungry and only eats a small evening meal and supper, that I need to drop the
overnight Insulatard too.
 Something we couldn't do on Lantus which was a major problem for Sasha. Lantus
also being a problem if
Sasha suddenly decided to play football or skateboarding in the evening.


 It's the same at night. If I don't eat at all in the evening, or I eat very
> little carbs, I need to lower my basals. This isn't the result of wrongly set
> basals. They work fine when I eat. But I don't eat for extended periods, I
> seem to become more insulin sensitive.
> If I were to use the basals that work when I'm fasting for long periods of
> time, I'd be high constantly when I ate normally.
> Di
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