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Re: [IPk] Re: Pump Holiday, and an idea

> Nanette - always nice to hear someone rocking the foundations of modern
> diabetes treatment :-) And I'm not surprised the person is you - one of
> life's original thinkers! And you know what? I'm inclined to agree with
> you. Yes, Melissa, I know the textbooks tell us to skip meals and track
> what our BG does, but I sometimes find it is hard to define what
> constitutes a "meal" in my slightly chaotic life. I suspect I may share
> similarities with Nanette. Don't know. And you, Melissa, at Oxford, surely
> have a chaotic life as well ;-)
> John

I've noticed this too. Normally I eat breakfast (unless I've had a big meal 
the night before and am not hungry in the morning), sometimes lunch (though 
if I'm busy I may not bother) and usually dinner in the evening. Though more 
often than not, I have very small "meals" at these times and eat bits of 
fruit etc throughout the day.
My boyfriend, however, doesn't usually eat breakfast, and often doesn't eat 
lunch either, or just something very small throughout the day, and then eats 
a decent meal in the evening. When I'm with him I tend to do the same thing. 
Especially if I'm at his place, because he doesn't tend to keep things like 
bread or cereal in the house - or in fact anything that doesn't involve 
cooking a proper meal. He's a fantastic cook, which is probably why his 
kitchen only consists of "things to make meals with" rather than things you 
can just eat. So, when I'm with him, and especially at his place, I often 
don't eat all day until the evening, or possibly something very small like  a 
piece of fruit. And the result is that I need lower basals right around the 
clock. And at about 5 or 6pm, after not having eaten for about 20 hours, I go 
suddenly and dramatically low with no warning. I don't do proper basal 
testing either, but on the occasions when I've done the traditional basal 
testing by missing lunch and testing throughout the afternoon, I don't get 
this phenomenon. 
It's the same at night. If I don't eat at all in the evening, or I eat very 
little carbs, I need to lower my basals. This isn't the result of wrongly set 
basals. They work fine when I eat. But I don't eat for extended periods, I 
seem to become more insulin sensitive.
If I were to use the basals that work when I'm fasting for long periods of 
time, I'd be high constantly when I ate normally.
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